COOL & COOL Hand Sanitizer Gel 60ML – Amber

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COOL & COOL Hand Sanitizer Gel 60ML – Amber


Enjoy the warm and musky fragrance of amber while simultaneously keeping your hands protected with our amber hand sanitizer. The sanitizer has a fast and effective formula that keeps you protected from harmful bacteria and germs.


  • Amber Fragrance : The warm and musky amber aroma has been perfectly crafted to give you the feel of arabian luxury.
  • Kills 99% Germs : Hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol, as recommended for effective sanitising.contains ethanol, a superior anti viral than isopropanol.
  • Healthy Skin : Enriched with vitamin e and glycerine.protects skin from damage, and keeps hands feeling soft, hydrated and healthy.
  • non-sticky : The antibacterial hand gel is easy to spread, and dries without residue.sanitise and refresh anywhere, without soap and water.

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60 ML

COOL & COOL Hand Sanitizer Gel 60ML - Amber

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